Roman Blinds Installation Guide

Top FixArchitraveWhen installing on plaster or wallboard, where possible, pick up the timber stud. If unable to locate stud, use a suitable wall plug or toggle for plasterboard to hold the brackets. The back of the head rail clips onto the bracket. The same bracket is used for Face and Top fix. The blind drop is from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the blind.

Face Fix    Top Fix                Anchor Point         

Face Fit

You can face fit on the architrave (top of bracket in‐line with top of arc), or above the arc – a minimum of 50 mm from top of bracket to
top of arc.

  1. Mark a horizontal line (use spirit level) for the top position of the blind. This position is determined when the blind was measured. Locate studs along the line and attach the brackets with suitable long screw (3 x 38 mm) to secure brackets to the studs. Line up the top of the bracket to the horizontal line. Put a bracket as close to the chain end of the track as possible.
  2. Ensure that the brackets are screwed on square and in‐line.
  3. Attach the head rail onto the bracket.

Attach 1 2 Attach 3 Detach 1 2
Attach 1                  Attach 2                 Attach 3                  Detach 1                 Detach 2          

Top fixing

  1. Ensure that the brackets are in‐line, with the claws facing outwards. Place a bracket as close to the chain end of the track as possible.
  2. Screw up through the underside of the bracket into the top of the reveal or recess. Make sure the screw or fixing being used is suitable for the surface being fitted to. 

How to install the Cord Tension device

Face Fit                   Recess Fit 

Face Recess

The Tension Device should hold the chain with enough tensioned against an architrave or window frame, thereby making it hard for a young child to fit though the chain.

Clip the chain through the bottom of the Tension Device. Position the Tension Device on the window frame or architrave so that the back of chain leads into the left of the tensioner. The side of the chain should run parallel to the blind leaving a small gap. This ensures the chain will not touch the fabric. Correct

Chain Tension – When the chain is pulled taut, it should be running through the centre of the tensioner space. Make sure the screw is affixed into the architrave or window frame (solid material like MDF or Hardwood).

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