Honeycomb Skylight Blind Installation

Honeycomb SkylightTools Required

To install Skylight Blinds, you will need a few basic tools:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Power Drill and Drill Bits
  • Long Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver

In addition to the tools, you will need a supply of fasteners to attach the installation brackets and side tracks. Sheet metal screws work well with both wood and aluminium mounting surfaces. Expansion or toggle bolts are required with surfaces such as gyprock and plaster.





First Things  FirstHoneycomb Skylight Overall

Study the illustration below to acquaint yourself with the shade terminology used in these instructions. Notice that five rails are used in these instructions: headrail, moving rail, anchor rail, and two side tracks. All but the moving rail are attached to the mounting surface, either directly or via installation brackets. The side tracks and rails can be positioned inside or outside the window opening, depending upon whether the shade was ordered as reveal (inside mount) or face (outside mount).


The Skylight installation is organised into four easy steps. Please read these instructions all the way through and make sure you have all the necessary materials before you begin to work.


1. Attach the Installation Brackets

Bracket Spacing

Two installation brackets are positioned so that their centrelines will be 115mm from the ends of the headrail. If a support cord is used, a third bracket is positioned 25mm to the left of the centre of the headrail. Measure and mark all bracket centrelines.

Skylight Bracket Spacing

With face fit (outside mounts), installation brackets are used for the anchor rail, as well as the headrail. Bracket spacing is the same for both. Reveal (inside mounted) anchor rails are screwed directly to the sill.


Reveal Fit (Inside  Mount) ApplicationsInside Mount

To fully recess the blind, the flat surface of the sill must be at least 65mm deep (more depth may be required to clear any obstruction to shade movement such as a window crank or handle). Attach the installation brackets to the top sill of the window opening, as shown. Locate the screws on the centrelines you marked and align the brackets so that their front edges are recessed 10mm. Attaching the anchor rail is detailed in Step 4. 


Face Fit (Outside Mount) ApplicationsOutside Mount

Face fit (outside mounts) require a flat vertical surface at least 28mm wide all around the window opening. Installation brackets are attached at both the top and bottom. Centre the brackets on the centrelines you marked and attach each bracket using two fasteners. The headrail and anchor rail brackets must be  perfectly parallel and separated by a distance equal to the length of the side tracks. Be sure the brackets for each rail are aligned at the same height.


 2. Install the Headrail

The headrail, fabric, moving rail, and anchor rail are bundled together with rubber bands. Do not remove the rubber bands until after the side tracks are mounted (step #3). With the front (coloured) side of the fabric facing you, slip the headrail into the installation brackets. The front lips on the brackets fit into the  front groove on the top of the rail. Push on the rail until it snaps into place.  Make  sure  no fabric  is  trapped between the headrail and the tabs on the installation brackets. Tighten the tab screw on each bracket until it is snug. Do not over tighten.

Install Headrail

3.    Mount the  Side  Tracks

Reveal Fit (Inside  Mount) Application

The  side  tracks  are  screwed  on  the inside of the window well by drilling through the side track along the centre line.

In non-vertical (sloped) installations, the wide flange is aligned flush with the front edge of the window opening. In vertical installations, the narrow flange is in front, flush with the edge of the opening. The rails should be centred within the side tracks.

After mounting the side tracks, measure the distance between them at each end. They must not be more than 5mm out of parallel for proper shade operation. If necessary, install steel washers under the mounting screw locations, starting at the ends of the side tracks.

Sidetrack Inside Mount

Face Fit (Outside Mount) Applications

With  face  fit  (outside  mounts)  attach the wide flange to the window well using appropriate fasteners.

The narrow flange on the side tracks should be at the front of the shade, whether  the  installation  is    vertical  or non-vertical. After the side tracks are mounted, the distance between them should be equal at both ends. The ends of the  rails  should  barely  touch  the  side tracks.

Sidetrack Outside Mount

 4. Install the Anchor Rail

Cut the rubber bands holding the rails and fabric together, and lower the anchor rail to the bottom of the side tracks. Be careful not to tangle the cords. With face fit (outside mounts), snap the anchor rail into the  installation  brackets  the  same  way you  installed  the  headrail  (step  #2). With reveal fit (inside mounts) screw the anchor rail directly to the sill. Centre the rail within the side tracks before direct-mounting it.

Care and Cleaning

All fabrics are easy to care for, highly durable, dust repellent and can be cleaned easily with a damp sponge or vacuumed gently with a brush attachment. For a more thorough clean, Ultrasonic cleaning is an option.



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