Aluminium Venetians 25mm & 50mm Installation Guide

Materials & Tools

Each Venetian Blind ordered should include:
• Spring loaded mounting brackets(No. depends on size)
• 2 screws for each bracket
• A cord cleat and screws

Tools Required
• Steel measuring tape
• Carpenter’s level
• Power or battery drill and bits
• Flat blade and Phillips head screwdrivers 


Mounting the Bracket

25mm Bracket

The installation brackets may be Reveal (inside the window frame) or Face(outside the window frame) mounted. In all cases, level mounting is critical to the operation of the blind (use Carpenter’s level).


Reveal Fit (Inside Mount)Inside Mount

Hold the Venetian inside window frame and mark position of brackets so as not to foul tape drums. Attach the brackets with screws provided,  (1 per bracket for top fix), to the front of the reveal, ensuring the front edges are in line and level. This is the usual position, however you may want to fit them further back into the reveal.

NOTE: May need to use washers or packing to ensure level.


Face Fit (Outside Mount)Outside Mount

Hold the Venetian on the face of the window and mark position of brackets, so as not to foul tape drums. Attach the brackets with screws provided (2 per bracket for face fit) ensuring all brackets are in line and level.

NOTE: Blind will close tighter if fitted level. If headbox bows poor closure will result.

Bracket Location

Bracket Location
Intermediate brackets should be spaced evenly and as close to tape drum supports as practical.


Face Fixing onto Cement Rendered WallsCement Render

Do not drill too close to edge as render may break away. Use suitable rawl plugs in conjunction with the screws supplied.



Fixed to Clear Handles  etcClear Handles

If needing to pack out from window to clear handles, locks etc use a full width piece of timber as this is more stable than individual pieces and you are able to fix brackets to timber in any position.



Installing the  BlindInstall Blind

Simply slip the headrail onto the front hooks of the bracket, push inwards and twist the back of the headrail upwards in one motion. The headrail will snap into position.

Removal of Blind

To remove, open slats and raise the blind. If the blind has three or more brackets, remove the headrail from both ends first, leaving the centre bracket to last. Push the headrail in and twist down at the back of the headrail to release the headbox from the hooks at the back. Leave the headbox hanging on the front hooks. Repeat at each bracket, then lift the blind from the bracket and take down.

Protect Your Children

Child Safe

Be aware that it is possible for children to strangle in window covering cords. To reduce the possibility of such an accident, all cords must be kept out of the reach of children, including infants. Cord cleats are an effective way to implement this essential precaution.

Attach the cord cleats 153mm to 305mm apart at a height where they will be out of the reach of children. Take into account that a child may stand on a baby cot or other furniture in an attempt to reach the cords. Once the cleats are attached, simply wrap the excess cord around them after each use of the shade, as shown. It’s fast, easy and safe.



WAND TILT: simply rotate the wand to tilt the slats from fully closed to any desired angle.

RAISING & LOWERING OF BLIND: to raise, tilt the slats to the fully opened position. Pull the lift cord towards the centre and raise the blind. To lock in position simply move the cord towards the outer edge of the blind to engage the cord lock. To lower, simply pull the cord towards the centre of the blind and lower gently.

Care and  Cleaning

  1. Dust can be easily brushed off at regular intervals using a clean soft cloth, a feather duster, or a vacuum cleaner with brush attachment.
  2. To dust, tilt the slats up and then down (but not entirely closed) to reach the entire top and bottom surfaces.
  3. To vacuum, use the brush attachment and tilt slats as per 2. above.
  4. Slats may be wiped over with warm water and a mild detergent.


CLICK HERE to download PDF Version of instructions.