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How to measure accurately.

The most important part of your order is the accuracy with which you take your measurements. To ensure that you receive the product in the size that you want please take carefull note of the following:

  • ALWAYS use a good quality steel tape measure
  • if possible, use two people to measure
  • take all measurements in millimetres (mm)
  • do not assume that windows will be square; in most older houses they will not be
  • do not take deductions, we will do this for you ( except for BUTT blinds )
  • always measure WIDTH first and then HEIGHT

There are generally two (2) ways to mount a blind - on the outside (FACE) of the window frame, or on the inside of the window frame (REVEAL). How to measure for each type is set out below:

FaceFitReveal Fit


FACE FIT (Outside fit)

Measure OutsideTo measure the WIDTH, take the measurement at the top of the window frame from the edge of the frame (architrave) on the left to the edge of the frame on the right.

To measure the DROP, take the measurement from the top of the architrave to the bottom. You can take the measurement past the bottom of the architrave should you wish to give more coverage or take the blind to the floor.





REVEAL FIT (Inside fit)

Measure InsideIt is very important when installing in the reveal of a window that you are aware of any obstacles that could catch the blind. Watch for Window Winders, Locks, Handles etc. and consider changing to a FACE FIT if these are going to be a problem.

To measure the WIDTH, take the measurement from the inside of your frame at the TOP, MIDDLE and BOTTOM of the reveal. The SMALLEST measurement is the width of the blind.

To measure the DROP, take the measurement from the inside of the top of the reveal to the inside at the bottom. Do this at the LEFT, MIDDLE and RIGHT. The SMALLEST measurement is the drop of the blind.

** Please note that we will take deductions from your Reveal measurements to ensure that the blinds fit and operate correctly.


Corner MeasureWhen measuring corner windows where blinds will meet, it is neccesary to have one blind as a THROUGH blind and one as a BUTT. You will need to take the following deductions from the width of the BUTT blind:

All Single Roller Blinds: Face ( 70mm ) Reveal ( 55mm )
Double Roller Blinds: 125mm
25mm Venetian: 30mm
50mm Venetian: 55mm
Honeycomb: 60mm 
Romawood/Truwood: 60mm